Friday, September 19, 2014

Aseptic Technique (A Short Story)

In the northern hemisphere, the autumnal equinox will be upon us in a few days, and I'm already enjoying the cooler weather. Writing has been steady as I work on the second season of Badge of Darkness as well as a slew of other stories including Night Terrors, which is a story in the world of Life After. That story will be featured in a collection of short stories I plan to release early next year. Some of the short stories are similar to my serial novels, though some are very, very different. To give a sneak peak, I have released one of the stories entitled "Aseptic Technique." This story will be free everywhere. The links are below, and more will be added in the coming days in the "Short Stories" tab above. Enjoy!

Following a near-fatal stroll in his neighborhood in the dead of winter, the fanatically germophobic Eugene Sinclair devises his plan for revenge.


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