Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I've decided to put a progress meter on this site, so you may follow along with the progress of stories I am working on. You'll notice in addition to Badge of Darkness: Season Two, there is another entry which I classify as "A Life After Novella," or in other words, a story within the world of Life After.

While writing Life After, there were a lot of ideas going through my mind that simply didn't make it into the original story. I felt that too many story-lines would bog down the narrative and therefore some ideas didn't make the cut. Now, while working on my next serial novel, I have decided to also elaborate on some of those snippets.

The story I currently have planned as a novella might pan out to be a full novel or it might go the other way and be a novelette or even a short story. Wherever it goes, it goes, and so the "goal" word count is not set in stone but merely an anticipatory number. That story and any subsequent stories in the Life After world will be written as standalone stories which can be enjoyed without having read Life After, though for those who have read it in its entirety will gain more insight into that world and see it through the eyes of brand new characters in various scenarios during different periods of the regime's rule.

As the next season of Badge of Darkness comes out in the coming months, you can expect to see some non-serial works being released. Regardless of what my fingers type, you can monitor my progress in the bars to the right of this text. And as always, thank you to those who have read my stories so far. I have a lot more to share in the coming months and years, so stay tuned!

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