Sunday, July 20, 2014

A New Road

The birds chirp outside my window, perched atop a tree branch that scrapes against the side of my cabin. I should clip the branch, yes, but I'm distracted by the stories careening through my mind, the stories my tired fingers scramble to type into my laptop computer.

These past few weeks have been a blast, as I spent most of my waking hours reading and writing in the serenity of my personal wilderness. The stories flow easier now than they ever have, and I have decided to take a new road. Instead of releasing an episode every two weeks, like I had with Life After, I will release entire seasons at a time. This week, you will be able to enjoy the first season of Badge of Darkness in its entirety. All five episodes will be available (with the first one free in all online bookstores) in addition to a bundled edition containing all five episodes for one low price (links will be posted on the Badge of Darkness page on this site).

I hope you enjoy my current work, as I believe it is my best so far. Soon, I will begin writing Season Two of Badge of Darkness and will announce its official release date when it's complete. It will be released as single episodes as well as a bundle.

It is now time to begin work on the next part of Badge of Darkness, so I will log off of my smartphone's hot spot (my only source of internet here).

The branch that scratches at my home like an attention-seeking ghost, yearning to be pruned, will just have to wait.

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