Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Serial Novel Launching This Week!

Planning for the launch of my next serial novel went so well that I will begin sooner than anticipated, much sooner. The stage is set and the curtains are ready to open as I prepare the first episode of Badge of Darkness for launch this coming Saturday, June 28th.

Here's the synopsis for Badge of Darkness:

No one ever thought that the Youth Scouts of America could be used for such sinister purposes…until now. At nearly eighty million strong and with a madman at the helm, the leading youth organization has been a literal ticking time bomb for over a decade, with its members brainwashed and drugged with enhanced psychotropic compounds. Triggered by a single line of spoken word broadcast over the airwaves, the killing spree has finally begun.

Like my first serial novel, Life After, this new project will be written in true serial form. In other words, this is not a pre-written novel chopped into pieces. It is written in the same fashion Dickens wrote his great serials (which were eventually published as novels) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes. Like Life After, episodes of Badge of Darkness will be released bi-weekly, though the episodes will be more than twice in length which should satiate voracious readers. So each two weeks I will release a new episode on schedule, each written in the here and now. Just like my last project, each episode will be influenced by current interests, current events, and whatever I am currently reading (both fiction and non-fiction). My physical location may also influence the story as well. With Life After, I wrote and released episodes of the story about a dictatorship in the United States over nine months while in many places, such as the United States (where I live), on an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean, and in countries such as Slovenia and Italy.

Unlike Life After, this serial novel will be released on all platforms and therefore won't be available as a kindle freebie for the first five days, though I will attempt to make the first episode free on Amazon by having it available for free on Barnes and Noble (you can help with this by reporting the lower price to Amazon - the first episode will be free on Barnes and Noble and such feedback may be used by Amazon in their decision to match prices).

I look forward to launching this new serial novel and would love feedback along the way. As always, thanks for following my serial novels and I hope you enjoy the ride.

- JJ

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